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Welcome To The Ocean Wealth

OCEAN WEALTH TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a subsidiary of Ocean Wealth Group with a trade name OCEAN WEALTH ' Ocean Wealth is the first U-commerce company in the world with integration of blockchain structure to distribute Wealth to the global populate . this is the first commerce to is owned by the people , we call it commerce of the people ,for the people and by the people because , 80% of the company profit goes to the people and 80% of the company equity goes to the people which is distributed through our Digital Coin App called Ocean Coin . This is fully decentralised commerce , sell and shop from anywhere around the world and get your order faster . INTRODUCING U-COMMERCE INDUSTRY AS CHATTED AND DEFINED BY OCEAN WEALTH U-COMMERCE is known as Universal Commerce  This is the newest industry discovered by Ocean Wealth Technologies International Ltd.  U-commerce is a Decentralized UNIVERSAL COMMERCE industry , which is empowered by the advancement in technology.  U-commerce is an advance form of E-Commerce  U-commerce is not limited by boundary, which causes global payment Limitation, high Logistics fee and Untimely Order delivery .  U-commerce creates more opportunities for the people more than normal E-commerce  By Ocean Wealth: U-COMMERCE is a Commerce of the people For the people and by the people.  U-commerce is the new revolution in commerce industry  U-commerce gives every one in the world and equal opportunity to create Wealth through vendor decentralization.  First it was open Bush market to modern shops , to E-commerce and now U-COMMERCE  U-COMMERCE is a one world system , sell from anywhere around the world . THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN OCEAN WEALTH U-COMMERCE AND E-COMMERCE COMPANIES *E-COMMERCE COMPANIES ------------- OCEAN WEALTH (U-COMMERCE)* 1) E-commerce are limited by boundaries While U-COMMERCE is Fully Decentralised ( which means you can sell and shop from anywhere in the world, pay and receive payments. 2) E-commerce Orders takes Long delivery time While U-COMMERCE deliver order faster Globally because of decentralised shopping system 3) E-commerce has High Cost of Delivery U-COMMERCE has Low cost of delivery worldwide with power of decentralisation 4) E-commerce has Rigid Affiliate Marketing Structure ( refer buyer and earn once on purchased product U-COMMERCE has Best rewarding Affiliate Marketing Structure (refer buyer and earn for life , each time the buyer repurchase any product our System 5) E-commerce tells you Shop and go U-COMMERCE tells you Shop and Earn Cash (not coupons ) 6) E-commerce said Shop with only cash U-COMMERCE said Shop with Crypto and cash. INCOME OPPORTUNITIES IN OCEAN WEALTH U-COMMERCE BUSINESS 1. BECOME TRADE PARTNER A) COUNTRY TRADE PARTNER: $2million (From N1.5 billion ) - Earn 1% of every single sales in your country. B) STATE TRADE PARTNER : $200,000 (N150 MILLION ) - Earn 1% of every single sales from your state. C) *CITY TRADE PARTNER: $2,000 (N1.5 MILLION)* - Earn 1% of every sales in your city. - This business has potential to generate 100-500% profit yearly, because of our fast sales Structure 2.BECOME OUR BRAND AGENT VERIFICATION FEE = (N300,000 TO N10,000,000)  National brand agent earns 0.1% of every sales in your country (N10,000,000)  State brand agent earns 0.1% of every sales in that State. (N5,000,000)  City brand agent earns 0.1 % of every sales from that city ( N300,000) These earnings includes delivery fee . National brand agent – State agent ---- City agent ----Vendors ( Delivery flow) Job type: Deliver our packaging materials to the vendors through the flow above . 3. BECOME ANY OF OUR VENDORS - WHOLESELLER -RETAILER -MANUFACTURER -SERVICE RENDERS -FARMERS -FOOD VENDORS BENEFITS  Triple your product or service sales through our traffic pull on our site .  Refer another Vendor to sale on our platform and earn 1% of whatever they sale for life  Refer a customer to start shopping from our platform and earn 2% of what that customer bought anytime they repurchase - Refer another vendor earn 1% of every product sales that vendor made in the system 4.WORK AS DELIVERY AGENT  Earn for any order you delivered . You can get as many booking as possible per day because of our sales strategy  Refer another delivery agent and earn 2% of their delivery fee each time they deliver product 5. BECOME ANY OF OUR AFFILLIATE MEMBER (free or Paid)  Earn 1% purchase bonus each time you buy anything from our platform  Refer a customer? Member and Earn 2% repurchase bonus each time they buy any product from our platform  Earn 5-10% direct referral bonus of any paid member you refer Refer any vendor to sale on our platform and earn 1% of every sales that vendor makes for life .  Earn 0.5 percent of the next person shopping after you whether you refer them or not.  Earn 5-22% team bonus from your team work per day (only for paid member )  Qualify for 5 star weekend Holidays in Nigeria, Dubai And Hawaii as your grow in the rank of Leadership (only for paid member )  Qualify for Cash price , Shopping Voucher , Car prize , 4 bedroom duplex and company shares /executive position (only for paid member )  Earn rebate Voucher 40-77% of your signup fee to shop anything you want from our rebate shop (Only for paid members ) INTODUCING OCEAN COIN (U-COIN) BUY OCEAN COIN (U-COIN): $2 PER COIN SELLING NOW DOWNLOAD OCEAN COIN MOBILE APP ON PLAYSTORE ,SIGN UP AND BUY ANY OF OUR DIGITAL ASSET TOKEN - Earn dividends each time we declare profit till infinity based on number of coin you are holding - It is transferable to your next of kin - You can manage your U-COIN through our Ocean Coin app - You can sell your Ocean Coin (U-coin) as value increases on our P2P Platform - You can monitor your Coin value growth from Ocean Coin App - You can use the coin to shop valuables in the future.


Our Company

OCEAN WEALTH IS THE FIRST U-COMMERCE COMPANY IN THE WORLD. Our Vision is to Create over 2billion global independent jobs and build Over 4billion Service and product Sellers / consumer Community in the world, With Blockchain wealth distribution structure. Ocean Wealth U-COMMERCE is a highly Democratized Commerce, that is commerce of the people , for the people and by the People. It was build to impact Humanity great, through wealth creation , Global trade and commerce Upscale. Ocean Wealth will be a Global House hold name .

Our Team

Ocean Wealth has the Best Tech Team you can think of. And Other Teams in the Area of Administration, Accounting, Legal , Marketing, Operations, Logistics and Managerial . Our Team are Highly professional individuals that believe so much in the vision and are ready to Die for it to make sure what we promised to the people is fulfilled . We Unlimited We are Focused to deliver We are Innovative and dynamic to take advantage of any changes or situation to accomplish the vision of Ocean Wealth. We Love all our customers, Partners and Investors . We go for the best We provide the best We are Uncommon We are strong And Our Team Work is 100%


The Only person that would not have a positive Testimony about Ocean , is the person that never take advantage of any of the numerous opportunities embedded in Ocean Wealth.